Monday, April 21, 2008

Relation Between Affiliates Earning And Traffic -- Best Ways To Increase Traffic

Affiliate Programs are the one of the best and growing ways to make money online. if any one call himself a "WEBMASTER GURU" or "COMPLETE WEBMASTER", but he don't earn much through affiliates then I think he is not the GURU or anywhere near the GURU or Complete Webmaster. he really need to work on affiliate programs and earn his almost 75% money via affiliates, then he calls himself a Complete Webmaster.

Believe it this is true and I tell you this in the light of my wast experience. Now the million dollar question arises that " How we make our main income via affiliates?and from where we start our work? " I assire you that the answer of this question is very simple but to implement on this is very hard.LOL!

The answer of this question is " the more your site traffic the more you earn via affiliates " but I tell you that it is not too easy to increase your traffic, you need to work on it day and night. as I said earlier.

Best Ways To Increase Your Traffic!

I tell you some good ways to increase your traffic. so read it carefully and then implement on it.

1. The first and most important rule to increase your traffic is you need to write an article for your site. but it is completely original. if you are not good in writting then hire some one for this. but my honest suggestion o you that if you are not good writer you really need to practice on it, or you join any article writing course which are many available on internet.

2. The most important Tip I give you tonight, that help me alot in my career, and many many so-called GURU's and Experts don't think about is " You don't need 90-100 Extra Ordinary Articles for your site but you need 500-1000 simple Articles ". Think about it. This is a million dollar tip to all of you and also to all the so-called GURU's.

3. You need to submit your article to as many Article DIrectories as you can. the way to do this is first you need to find some most respected Article Directories, then just make your account on that, then just submit your article and click on conformation link in your email inbox. and enjoy!
some important Article Directories are :

1. pr7 and many thousands Visitors/day.
2. very fine if you want traffic
3. also very good.
you can also search if you find someone more important.

4. After submitting your article is Article Directories, you need to Digg or stumble your Articles, the more you do, the more better for your article and more traffic you gain, but this is a short term but effective technique.

these are some of the well Known ways which help you lot. and these all thought are mine, if you like it or don't like it or if you want to give me any suggestion then please write feedback here.

List of High Ranking PR Free Web Directories

Here is some of the best known high pr ( pagerank ) Free Web Directory List, which you are or any webmaster looking for. if you submit your site to these directories then you should definetely boost your site to pr5-pr6. Definitely! that's my guarantee, ( if they accept your site ).

I also like to mention that you don't ever find this list on any other site, the best thing in this List is, I also give you this list with not only the homepage URL's but also you will find submition Link with URl's. so You will directly go to submittion form and it help you alot and saves your Golden time.

So here you go.

These are the list of some Free premium Directories from pr4 to pr8.

Free Directories:- 7 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Now Just go there and submit your Links absolutely free. :)

If you like this list then please appreciate my work by just writing comment here.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Future of Affiliate Marketing in Near Future

I must say the future of affiliate marketing looks extremely bright looking in nearer future. Every day I meet more and more webmasters that haven’t even tried affiliate marketing as a means of generating revenue with their websites or blogs. There is so much interest on the part of webmasters to make money with their websites that affiliate marketing is the logical direction for them to go. Webmasters are increasingly disgruntled with Google Adsense and Yahoo Publish revenues and are looking for innovate ways to make money with their sites. The key is to choose the right affiliate programs that will do well for your particular audience. This can take testing out different types of merchants or offers to see which have the highest earnings per click or EPC, so that you can generate the most revenue as possible with your traffic. Webmasters or bloggers that have had sites online for a while and already have good search engine rankings can capitalize on their good rankings but posting write-ups or product reviews for merchants and then linking to or placing their banner under the post to garner click-throughs. This can be a great way to generate affiliate revenues and can be exploited if you use keyword rich entries that get rankings for popular keyword phrases in the title and body of the piece. Webmasters or bloggers can coordinate with the affiliate managers of the affiliate programs they are looking to promote to gain intelligence about the company or particular niche or industry. You can even ask for good converting keyword files from affiliate managers to get a jump start on tailoring your site to what people are searching for. Using some of these affiliate marketing principles can get you on the fast track to generating affiliate revenue in 2008 and into the future.

Software plays Important role in running a Shopping site!!!

I have seen a lot of people who like to do online shopping, and there are a lot of sites which provides them this facility, but when this trend starts about 3-4 years ago, people were facing a lot of difficulties while visiting these sites but now shopping cart software removed these difficulties and provided a free environment of online shopping. Looking over the payment sention thats superb, and every customer was more attracted to shop online again and again.Today we see that the community of internet users is increasing day by day and thats a very positive approach towards success.
I have seen a lot of people who are not satisfied with there sotwares for running up there online shopping sites, and to most of them i suggested to use the most best shopping cart software , it is only becasue of the fact that you have to satisfy your customer and a best method is to provide them a better service on your online shopping site.Customer needs the best service otherwise they will go for any other site which is a complete loose to the owner of the site.So more better you povide the services to your customers more will be they attracted and thus more purchase will be made from your site.
so use shopping cart software now, if you don't use it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why Affiliate Programs Fail or Simply Don’t Produce

Your company’s affiliate program should be the most exciting, dynamic, and growth oriented part of your overall online marketing mix. However, many companies that have inhouse affiliate managers or use lame outsource affiliate management companies don’t experience the kind of growth and production that a well-managed affiliate program should experience. Inhouse affiliate managers are often times not nearly as proactive as they should be at managing current affiliates and recruiting new affiliate blood into the program. They are scared to pick up the phone and have a high-level conversation with webmasters or SEO affiliates because they lack the knowledge and expertise to give that super-affiliate good suggestions on how to get more traffic and produce more revenue for your affiliate program. So, they hide behind impersonal affiliate newsletters and aren’t concerned with really bonding with their company’s affiliates. This is the same problem with outsourced affiliate program management companies. They usually have good-looking 20-something year olds chicks with little to no affiliate program experience and scarcely know what HTML is managing very experienced affiliates. This just simply does not work. Another issue relates to working with newbie affiliates or nubs. Most inhouse affiliate managers and outsourced affiliate management companies don’t like to “waste time” on newbie affiliates usually because they think it takes too much effort to teach them a thing or 2 about how to build a site or blog and start generating clicks and sales. They couldn’t be more wrong! It’s actually the small affiliates and newbies that can make your affiliate program really excel. But working with newbies and inexperienced affiliate marketers, you are gaining their respect and loyalty for the long run. What could be better than having 1000’s of small affiliate producing sales monthly for you. Of course you need the super-affiliate as well, but good affiliate management should seek to have a large percentage of producing affiliates in the program as well as a good crop of super-affiliates producing. This is why you should consider hiring Experience Advertising, Inc.